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Touring Production For Artists & Venues

Live Concert Production

Starting from humble beginnings, Production Live has built up over 15 years of professional concert touring, and venue technical management. As a result, we work with some of the most prominent touring artists worldwide. Because our company represents both artists, venues and promoters, we can use our position to help make your concerts the best.

With Production Live, you do not have to worry about miscommunication between venues, artist management and promoters. Our team have so much experience in dealing with all the key players. Therefore, we ensure the best in concert planning from both a technical and logistics point of view.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, we are looking to find solutions across the industry to help re-purpose venues and get artists performing again. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our concert production services!

Service Summary

– Live Concert Production

– Event Pro Audio & System Design

– Lighting Design & Support

– Video & Media Services

– Tech Crew & Show Ops

– Stage, Production & Tour Management

– Creative Direction

– Tour Logistics

– Festival & Community Events

– Venue Technical Management

– Venue Install & Refurbishment Services

– Technical & Creative Consultancy

Some People We've Worked With

Production Management & Design

We use creative technology and experience across the music industry to produce the most memorable concerts globally, with leading sound, lighting, video, sets and SFX.

Production Live has a network of some of the most talented designed in the industry to create the most celebrated shows at every level of music. Whether it’s a floor package and backdrop for a club tour or a full touring stadium system, we can find you the resources you need, and the team to deliver it all.

Technical Management

With Production Live, your concert production will be in safe hands. We have over a decade of experience delivering professional technical services to some of the most prominent artists in the world. You always get the equipment you need with the most reliable and best value transport, anywhere in the world. Production Live use nothing but the best suppliers for all the artists, venues and festivals we support.

Every detail is mastered with our skilled teams and unparalleled equipment that is supplied to you.

We cover virtually every job in touring music. Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

Venues & Festivals

Besides catering to the touring world, we also work closely with venues and festivals to help them shine. As a result, Production Live has supported many UK festivals, providing both teams of engineers and kit.

For around a decade, we have worked closely with MJR Group/TAG in looking after several of their UK venues. This has included doing technical and production management, AV installations and venue maintenance. Our contributions have happened across various sized venues in their chain, and we continue to support them as the largest independent concert promoter in the UK.

Touring Concert Production

Whether you are looking for a Splitter driver with some tour management experience or 20 trucks of Stage, rigging and tech, we can resource all of this for you. We also Whatever elements of the production team and logistics you require, our team will make sure you get what you need.

Production Live also have experience with arranging rehearsal spaces and pre-production, along with advancing tours and filming promotions. We offer all our services to make your tours run as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.