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Creative Design, Technical Drawing & Fabrication

Design & Fabrication Agency

Our Design & Fabrication team will bring your ideas to life. From the first brief, you can expect us to design every last edge and surface to align with your vision and subsequently created to the best standard. 

We thank you for letting us bring life to your projects and will always ensure plenty of time to complete projects and have your approval ahead of deadlines.

The Design & Fabrication side of our business transcends many of the other areas we work in, so be sure to check out separate sections such as our Experiential & Interactive pages. There you may see how we can give your idea an even more unique and creative slant.

Design & Fabrication Services

- Turnkey Design & Fabrication

- 2D & 3D Visualisation & Drafting

- CNC & Laser Cutting

- 3D Printing

- Wood & Metalwork

- Painting & finishing

- Hand Fabrication

- Electrical Engineering

- Automation

- Lighting & Special FX

- Architectural Lighting Design

- AV integration

- Displays & Digital Signage

- Technology Prototyping & Development

- Shop Fit & Exhibit Display

- Scenic & Stage Production

- Interactive Projects

- Creative & Art Projects

- Structural Engineering

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Design & Fabrication

3D Visualisation & Design

To best serve your projects, we create highly realistic images to bring your product or event to life. Large or small, our creative department can create highly detailed renders of objects, stages, buildings and more.

This process dramatically improves customer satisfaction levels as it benchmarks expectations.

We offer this service if you want to improve your pitches and get more work. We can work on your existing models from various formats or create concepts for you from scratch.

Cad Design


Professional fabrication starts with design; therefore, We will take your concept and turn it into something real. Our pre-production process will take the idea and put it under a microscope, ensuring every detail is in line with your vision.

We will also consult with you on the best materials and construction methods for your project. We will discuss everything from durability and budget to the environmental impact and re-usability.

Experience & Experiential

Fabrication & Manufacturing

While this is often one of the last steps in a long creative process, it is often one of the most important! With the hard labour of detailed design done, it is time to create and build.

Our team will ensure every detail is rendered with perfect precision, turning a concept into a reality, whether by hand or machine.

Every edge, corner and curve will be finished with exceptional precision. We have no limit of ambition for creation, so get in touch with your projects, large and small.

LED Design

Engineering and Electronics

If your project is more multi-sensory, we have the expertise in engineering and technical creativity to help you. We can sense, trigger, illuminate and track data. Best of all, we integrate all these ideas into the project as a whole. We will create an interactive and multi-sensory experience for better prices and higher standards than our competitors.

We also have a great deal of experience in AV, LED and digital display integration for exhibits, events & TV.

Get in touch now to discuss your project and how we can help you make it even more engaging to your audience.