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Whether you want to bring your events onto a digital platform or gather better data for your brand, we can help you! Tell us about your aims, audience and the outcomes you want for your event. Whether you are focused on promoting a product, networking, educating or anything else, we will design your event and supply the platform that best suits your needs.

We are here to help you leverage technology, so it has true value in what you are doing.

Service Summary

- Comprehensive digital event management & production

- Visualisation & Graphics

- Seminar Recording & Editing

- Digital & Hybrid Event Platforms

- Engagement Tools

- Event Management & Program Support

- Data & Feedback

- Interactive Projects

- Home broadcast kits

- Two-Way Conference

- Hybrid, Webinars, Streaming & More

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Switching To Digital

Whether you are running a conference or catwalk, Production Live is here to help you make the most of digital.

Our job is to eliminate the anxiety and uncertainty of moving to digital. That is why consultation and initial project design are currently free of charge. So you can assess the best way forward without having to take any financial risk.

Incorporating digital offers enormous opportunities in how we operate as an industry. It increases our audience reach, is more sustainable, and can have greater flexibility than traditional mediums.

Digital & Hybrid

Digital Events

Leaning on our 15 years of experience in delivering events, we are taking this industry online in a way never done before. Production Live will find the platform that suits you and give you all the features you need to create a successful online event. We will manage the platform on your behalf, taking guidance from you on what you are looking to achieve.

With us, you can turn digital events around at tremendous speed. We will work with you to make your digital experience engaging and deliver on your critical objectives, whether CPD, networking, team building, or anything else!

Our job is to bring together your event’s physical and digital elements into a cohesive entity. That way, it delivers on your objectives and enhances the experience. Digital also gives you the advantages of data analytics, recorded content, post-production and a flexible, full-featured platform.

Covid 19

Solutions For COVID-19

Production Live is committed to supporting other businesses in all sectors during this difficult time. We are collaborating with specialist companies to come up with solutions to cross-industry problems that have been caused by COVID-19.

Our current major projects include:
– Hybrid & virtual event solutions for venues & event organisers
– Wed Virtual hybrid weddings, to help bring more people together for special occasions

We would like to hear from companies interested in creative solutions across industries during these times, so we can do our bit to get your sector back on its feet and make sure you are one step ahead of your competition.



Production Live takes our environmental responsibility seriously, so we are the first UK production company to be endorsed by the Sustainable Events Alliance, a global guild of event sustainability practitioners.

Even though we encourage the use of our digital products as much as possible, we understand that some things must be physical and that, at times, digital solutions may not be cost-effective enough for a particular task. Production Live tackle this problem by producing products using as little waste as possible, minimising single-use items and ensuring that those which are single have a circular life cycle.

Our team produces reporting on our wastage and carbon footprint for more significantly sized events. Therefore, we can demonstrate our low environmental impact and continually improve our processes.