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AV & Production for Conferences, Meetings, Awards & Dinners

Production Live Events & AV

Production Live Provide solutions for various public and private events across the private, public & third the sector.

Whether you are organising a conference or a fashion show, we have a fantastic range of products to suit you. We aim to be competitive, but above all else, provide a consistent and high-quality service. As well as the usual services by AV companies, we can also help with everything from saving you money on everything from live translation to catering. This gives us the quality of service you get with an agency, for an end supplier.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Production Live are working hard to find alternative ways of working in events. We have rolled out several products relating to bringing events into the digital domain so that business can carry on benefiting from the shared knowledge of events. Please take a look at our Digital Page

Service Summary

- Digital Events

- Full Event Production

- Sound, Lighting & AV

- Construction & Fabrication

- Graphic Design

- Film and Photography

- Full Event Teams

- Event Furniture

- Web & Phone Apps

- Interactive Technology

- Event Translators

Some People We've Worked With

Event Video​

Visuals in events are central to the experience. Production Live make sure your message is clear to see for everyone.

First of all, we make sure that every seat in the house gets a great view, from the back seats to the presenters.

From there, we can include elements based on your requirements, such as live camera and interactive technology.

Projection, LED wall, 8K TVs… We’ll find the perfect fit for your event.

Immersive Visuals

Have something a little different in mind?

Here at Production Live, we like to keep an open mind on all projects. If you have an idea, no matter how ambitious, just let us know!

We also collaborate with market-leading creative studios to create a bespoke and breathtaking content design.

Get in touch to talk about the possibilities.


Event Lighting

The atmosphere and look of our events must always be perfect.

Our studio allows us to show you what your event will look like in advance. We can also pre-program show lighting before an event, which can save significant sums on venue hire.

Production Live also endeavour to use environmentally-friendly LED lighting to lower our carbon footprint.

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Pro Audio

Production Live will make sure your message is clear. Whether it’s a meeting room or a festival field, we make sure to provide a world-class sound system. Make use of our pre and post-production facilities, alongside access to some of the best voice actors, musical directors and composers in the UK.

You will always get the best brands such a L’Acoustics, D&B and Nexo for our sound reinforcement systems so that you can be sure of a consistent, high-quality result. Production Live are also highly experienced in the use of wireless technology, including managing complex RF systems in challenging environments.

We also offer live language translation services with the most reliable equipment. Unlike many companies, we use a digital solution which can not only provide superior reliability but also cheaper than an on-site solution.


Technology & Graphics

Both design and production of graphics is all part of the service at Production Live. Digital solutions can be utilised wherever possible, from signage to apps. our policy aims for us to use 100% renewable graphics by 2022. We do offer large format printing for those jobs where a digital solution is not practical and have a graphics teams who will ensure the perfect prints!

Real-time technology like web streaming, voting pads and the latest in augmented reality, are all tools we can use to enhance elements of your event. We offer some unique experiences that can be found no where else!

Get in touch to find out more.

Furniture & Accessories

A wide variety of furnishings are available for any event, all suited to your needs. We are confident that we can accommodate almost any requirements.

In keeping with our goal to offer a unique experience at every event, Production Live also design and build custom items such as news desks, lecterns, sculptures, interactive plinths, and other custom structures. Just let us know what you are looking for, and our team will do the rest.

You can also get all the finishing touches like backstage drinks facilities, for those who like coffee as much as we do! Perhaps you would even like us to put together a delegate goody bag with things like reusable coffee cups, helping make a positive impact on the environment.