Production Live Exhibitions


With experience working in both Europe and the Middle East, Production Live have an excellent track record of producing world-class exhibition work. Our staple of feature areas such as catwalks and demonstration areas has now branched out into stand fabrication and also creating specialist interactive exhibits.

We are also making noise in the museum and art gallery sectors, both for digital signage and delivering creative and interactive exhibits. Therefore, our goal is to produce more and more digital products over the coming years to help our clients modernise and lower the environmental impact of exhibition events and installations.

Service Summary

Creative Design
Electrical Engineering
Venue Support
Feature Areas
Bespoke stand building
Branding & Graphics
Logistics & Delivery
Interactive & experiential
Roadshows & Activations
Rigging & structural
Technical & Creative Consultancy

Some People We've Worked With

Exhibition Feature Areas


If you organise exhibitions with feature areas or seminar stages, we’d love to hear from you!

Production Live have fantastic experience producing creative spaces such as catwalks, demonstration kitchens and product testing areas.

Firstly, we’ll design and deliver a stunning centrepiece for your event, that will engage your audience and add value to your show. Next, the design, fabrication and AV areas of our business will make your event stand out from its competitors. Our service always provides bespoke builds to organisers.

Production Live also produce a range of unique interactive products which can be great for gathering event data from your show.

Stands & Activations


Production Live are experienced in creating innovative ideas to help your brand engage with your audience. Whether you are trying to stand out in an exhibition centre or a shopping mall, we can help you get noticed.

3D projection projects, VR, AR, and much more! Our focus is on interaction and engagement on the projects we take on. If you are looking to have a highly creative stand or want to get a more interactive product, we are the company for you. 

We specialise in custom builds and work closely with across departments on unique interactive products. See our interactive section, or get in touch to find out more!


Exhibition AV Services


Production Live provide a variety of services to the companies who have stands at your event.

Screens, PA systems, Ipads, computers and much more can be delivered and installed to stands across your exhibition. We also create a range of custom products such as holographic display cases and interactive plinths that as unique to us.

With addition to this, our services include technology for organisers such as sentiments mapping to gather useful data and feedback on attendees.

Smart Tech For Exhibitions

Within exhibitions, we cover a wide range of smart technology for both organisers and exhibitors.

For the organisers, we implement various technology across your event. Firstly, for  helping your visitors get through registration, attend seminars, and navigate the event with digital technology such as virtual information points, digital signage and event apps. This tech also serves the organisers in terms of data tracking and crowd movements.

For exhibitors, we can create entire stands using the latest smart technology, or integrate great gadgets into your current design. Smart plinths that keep customers at your stand for more extended and giant digital mirrors for fashion are just a couple of our unique products that are guaranteed to get you the most out of your expo stands. We can also integrate these technologies into installations if you are creating something more permanent.