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While virtual and augmented reality has its place within the creative industries, they are still quite niche and have limited uses. Our Experiential & Interactive team is creating innovative technologies with a more comprehensive range of applications within the experiential and interactive sector. We have created a way to develop bespoke interactive products at an incredible value to our customers. Our technology can sense, see, feel, hear and respond to the user and environment, creating a powerful experience for your audience. We use this technology to communicate your message to your audience in the more engaging and impactful ways.

We are developing applications for events, exhibitions, product activation and galleries but always build a customised product to meet your goals. All of our digital interactive products have integrated data collection as standard so that you can measure the success of your project.

Service Summary

– Interactive Projects

– Full Visualisation & Drafting

– Interactive Smart Plinths & Displays

– Online Platforms & Apps

– Interactive Museum & Art Exhibits

– Product Launches & Activations

– Engineering & Fabrication

– Interactive AV

– Content Design & Management

– IoT Technology

– COVID-19 Tech Solutions

Some People We've Worked With

Interactive Technology

We create spectacles of technology within the creative industries. Whether your piece is for art or learning, we would love to hear about your project, and see if we can add another layer of excellence to your creativity.

We create museum learning experiences, smart furniture, engineered sculpture, integrated AV, but most of all, we create memorable experiences.

As well as working for a fantastic array of museums and galleries, we also support fabricators in adding interactivity to their projects, helping them with our engineering experience. If you are a fabricator or a digital agency, get in touch if you need a hand with a project!


Museums & Galleries

Production Live works in AV integration and creates innovative products in the museum and art gallery sector. As well as our fantastic range of digital signage products, we also make specialist products, creating highly interactive exhibits and features.

We create smart products that have never been seen in museums or exhibitions before, engaging audiences in new ways. Our technology services within the museum and gallery sector are the most powerful and cost-effective on the market. We are disrupters in the AV integration market for this sector, come and speak to us about your next exciting project!

Digital for Exhibition & Installations

Production Live is leading the way in creating digital solutions for the trade show market and institutions such as museums. We want to share the benefits of digital signage vs print graphics.

We stock digital signage of all sizes, touch & non-touch 18/7 and 24/7 use. These are more environmentally friendly than physical graphics, and more versatile, with the ability to share more information. 

With updating and changing the content made so easy, you will never again have to worry about grammar errors after printing or last-minute changes to the content. Best of all, your sign or museum label will never make it to landfill but is re-used again and again.

Data & Market Research

Data is the new gold standard, and with our technology, you can be rich with it. Everything we create is designed with data collection in mind. You not only output your message to your audience but also gain insight into their behaviour and how they interact with your brand.

Our data gathering tech can be as novel as sentiments mapping or consist of more complex sensory data. We design the solution to meet your goals. If its brand awareness, we’ll make sure to keep your customer experience is more memorable. Trying to keep leads at an expo stand for longer, we can get them learning about you before you speak to them. Want to know the impact of your event? We can get better data than any standard questionnaire.

Let us know the questions you are asking, and we’ll get you answers.