Virtual Wedding Services

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Are you are looking to have your wedding in 2021? We can help you spend it with even more of you nearest and dearest.

Before the January national lockdown, a maximum of 15 people allowed to attend a wedding (in tiers 1-3). 

We anticipate that most weddings this year will have limited numbers by law.

Using our specialist technology, we help you include as many people in the ceremony & reception as you like! 

Our Virtual Wedding Guest Services at a glance

– All virtual guests RSVP via an online URL

– Virtual guests can interact with each other via chat, video & audio

– You can include a schedule so virtual guests don’t miss any important moments!

– We can provide a space for you and others to speak to your virtual guests

– Virtual guests are welcome to give speeches too!
We provide you with the footage after for free!


Production Live - Virtual services for weddings

Here at production Live, we want to help your big day feel as memorable as possible. That is why we have created a service to help bring people together on your special day! 

Our service is not just about the current restrictions but also allows you to invite guests from around the world, who may otherwise not have been able to attend your big day. 

The number of people who can attend using our service is almost unlimited and extremely cost-effective! We can supply a simple “View only” service, or create a space for you and your in-person guests to chat and mingle with your virtual guests.

Wed Virtual can also provide all thing sound and lighting as part of our package so that you can tick that off the list too!

We even give you the streamed recording free of charge!


Sound, Lighting & AV

As quite a lot of our cost is logistics (our crew, the van etc.), we can provide outstanding value for Sound, Lighting & AV, as an add on service. We’ll give you 10% this with any virtual guest package. We can provide:

– Pro audio equipment for music, speeches & bands

– Tasteful lighting for the ceremony and reception alike 

– DJ & Live band equipment (Mics, DJ mixers etc.)

– Video equipment

– Custom decor, furniture & more